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Monday, July 17, 2006
Ariel Rebel free sexy videos
Ariel Rebel free pics and videosAge: 18 Astrological sign: I'm a Pisces!
Height: I'm itty-bitty! I'm a 'snack-sized' girl! One of those little treats you just can't resist! Lol!
Weight: Well, I know I won't make your back hurt if I get on top of that idea, don't you? Me too!
Hair: I'm a brunette! Blondes are dumb!
Eyes: Deep brown! Favorite position: Oh, God! That one made me blush! So many of them look like so much fun... but I have more experience playing with myself, so I don't know yet...
Favorite movies: I love D.E.B.S.!!! I did a lot of naughty stuff under the covers while watching that movie! BLUSH!
Favorite drink: Hawaiian Punch! Turn-ons: Oh, wow...I know watching dirty movies or mags gets me very turned on...I love watching the girlie scenes. I never thought two girls making out could make a girl want to touch herself so bad!

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